A 3-Hour 1:1 Workshop For Transforming Your Financial Legacy

The Money Makeover Day

is your private workshop for FINALLY getting back on track

Come with nothing. leave with everything you need.

Face Your Numbers With a Friend Who Can Keep You Moving Forward, Not Feeling Guilty About the Past.

Rest Easy Knowing You Have Full Follow-Up Support While You Adjust To A New Way Of Life.


The purpose-driven entrepreneur, who started this business to change her life.

The free spirit, on the journey of ditching the “9-5 life” to rely on her business full-time.

The creative soul, who’s frustrated that the numbers never seem to line up in her favor.

This is the program for the girl on a mission to rewrite her life story.

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Have we met? I'm Katie!

Nap lover, buffalo wing addict, and overly-obsessed dog mom.

At one point in my life, I was crazy enough to get an accounting degree even though I’ve always been a creative soul. I quickly learned that public accounting wasn’t the career for me, but that didn’t stop me from developing a passion for helping entrepreneurs with their money!

Now, I'm here to help you feel at peace through intentional money management so that you use your business to free up your time for what matters most.

I teach a very specific yet extremely effective framework that will transform both your personal and business finances.

I can’t WAIT to work with you!

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Here’s how it works:


Fill out an application and I’ll get back to you ASAP to confirm this is the best solution for you! You’ll also receive an info guide with lots of juicy details about the program.

We’ll jump on a quick call (no need to brush your hair, it’s an audio call!) to answer any questions you may have.

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll clear up the rest of the paperwork, you’ll send over your bank statements, and we’ll book the call!


Show Up

On the day of the call, we’ll follow this basic outline and personalize as needed:

  • Hour 1: Dreams, mindset, behaviors, intro to financial principles

  • Hour 2: Create your first budget(s) and learn the technical side of your new money management system.

  • Hour 3: Discuss your long-term financial plan (savings, debt, etc) in detail, equip you with the tools you need to succeed, and make sure you’re truly ready to go!


Follow Up

You’ll have priority access to me for an additional month as you test out your new system and learn the ropes.

We’ll then have a 30-day follow-up call to make any final adjustments and answer your last questions!

Following the end of the program, you’ll also have a special link to book additional 45-minute Accountability Coaching Sessions with me at an exclusive rate (paid per session)! You can use these as much as you’d like, whenever you’d like.

Use it as needed or implement a regular coaching schedule!


“Having someone like Katie - someone as smart, witty & authentic - work with me and teach me ways to track my finances, manage my finances and actually feel good about my finances, now that's an investment worth making! Honestly, Katie made me feel so at ease with everything throughout our call… She's like a best friend & that's not something you can find just anywhere.”

The Financial Principles

I teach a blend of every money philosophy and financial principle I've studied over the years (and continue to study!). I'm not just teaching you one system that someone else created - you can go read a book for that. 

Rather, I take a holistic approach and integrate what I've learned studying business finance, personal finance, bookkeeping, tax, accounting, budgeting, debt, organization, planning, and more!

The primary core of what I teach is founded on the Profit First system for business finance and Dave Ramsey teachings for personal finance, with a few other experts and personal/professional experiences sprinkled throughout. But these teachings have been adapted to fit the needs of creative-type entrepreneurs like me and you!

I'm going to teach you the fundamentals, but I'm also going to customize to fit who you are. I'm going to give you the tools and systems you need (the big one being the You Need a Budget app!), and we're going to build it all into one cohesive system that you can maintain like the CFO-boss I know you are.

{ I believe in striving for a debt-free life. }

Knowing this is critical to choosing the right financial coach for you.

I do not believe holding on to debt is ever the correct option, so I will never encourage you to do so. I do not teach my clients how to increase their credit scores and I will never recommend any option that keeps you in debt longer than necessary.

If you’re interested in learning how to secure a financial foundation on cash flow, you’ve found the right girl.

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Don’t wait too long…

Limited Spots Available!

Because of the time investment that I make for each one of my clients, I can only accept so many at a time - sessions are usually booked out weeks in advance.

The workshop may only be 3 hours, but I dedicate at least an entire week to serving YOU and preparing for your call. (In addition to the month of support.)

Don’t let your spark of motivation to work with your money die out.

Today is the day to commit to a change.

How’s that for
return on investment?



“I’m a creative entrepreneur and I’ve been running my own business for nearly a decade, but business finance has always been something that’s really scared me – I mean like properly freaked me out! I’ve always outsourced my bookkeeping and accounting, and I’ve been pretty terrible about keeping an eye on my business numbers. But I eventually realised that this confusion about money and finances was becoming a huge success-limiter.

So when Katie first offered her business finance coaching, I snapped up the opportunity. She helped me to set some clear financial goals for my business and to put processes in place to realise those goals . . .

And I think most importantly, her calm and friendly character, combined with her thorough and practical approach to business finance, has made me feel a whole lot less fearful about managing my finances.”

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment for this program and when do I need to pay?

The investment for The Money Makeover Day is currently $700 USD or 2 payments of $375 (save $50 by cash flowing!). Whether you split the payments or pay the full amount up front (I love seeing entrepreneurs save up CASH for an investment!), you’ll need to pay the first invoice up front after you’ve signed the contract and before you can book your workshop day. The second invoice, if you split the payments, will be due 30 days after our workshop day.

Can I Cancel / Request a Refund?

Workshop cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your schedule call. Because I begin working before our workshop day, full refunds are seldom available. I track my time specifically on your project and will calculate partial refunds accordingly and provide a breakdown to you ahead of time. No refunds are issued after the workshop call is conducted and all remaining payments will be required in full within 30 days.


For simplicity and sanity on my end along with my personal and business schedules, I try to book all Money Makeover Days on Wednesdays, with few exceptions. If weekdays are out of the question for your schedule, Saturday calls can be made available. Scheduling is something we can discuss on the free call before you make any commitments.

Important note: Saturdays are normally personal days for me and my family. As such, Saturday calls must be booked further in advance and there is a slight additional charge.

Is this for personal or business finances?

Preferably both! I have a strong passion for the relationship between solopreneur businesses and their personal finances. However, sometimes, diving into the personal side of things doesn’t make sense for you.

For example, some clients come to me who have a spouse involved with the personal budget. In some cases, having a third party in that situation isn’t ideal or even necessary.

At a minimum, we will work with your business finances, we’ll just dive deeper with the extra time. I always encourage you to consider both sides of the equation, though!


Short answer, no. Long answer, I believe in debt-free living. Perhaps a little extreme, but my husband and I have made a personal decision to eliminate all forms of debt - including credit cards! While I encourage my clients to consider this possibility, I do not pressure you. Credit-free living is a total lifestyle commitment and that’s a choice you’re going to have to make. However, I will not encourage use of credit or debt reliance. Instead, we’ll talk about what debt-free living looks like, as well as how to pay off your current debts and be smart with your money moving forward! If you choose to continue using a credit card, I’ll help you create a system so that you can make all your payments on time!


Investing is a totally different field of finance and I don’t venture into this area. I took an investments class in college where we ran through a stock market portfolio simulation…trust me, you don’t want my advice! Look for a professional in your area for this kind of information.

CAN YOU Help Me With My Bookkeeping?

This is a money management program focused on day-to-day, proactive financial decisions and budgeting. Bookkeeping is a compliance-focused record-keeping activity - and so not my favorite thing. I did bookkeeping professionally for a number of years and can use that to guide you on the basics! I also have a number of DIY resources on this site. But for more in depth help or outsourcing completely, I will connect you to one of my recommended virtual bookkeepers.


Always happy to share what I know! The CPA firm I worked at specialized in tax preparation and I have a small amount of tax preparation experience. I can teach you how taxes work, how your business will affect your taxes, ways you need to prepare, ways to organize your records, etc. However, if you’re looking for in depth, personalized tax strategy and tax preparation services, I’ve partnered with a U.S. tax pro for that! Head over here to meet Melissa Whaley, and let her know I sent you!


Send over a quick email to katie@morewithmoney.com and I’ll do my best to ease your worries!