"None of us, including me, ever do great things.
But we can all do small things, with great love,
and together we can do something wonderful."
- Mother Teresa

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About Katie Scott & The Lazy Source

Katie is a holistic money management coach (personal & business!) serving women running a service or digital product-based business.

The Lazy Source audience includes entrepreneurs on all sorts of amazing missions: they are business coaches, life coaches, designers, virtual assistants, photographers, copywriters, brand professionals, social media experts, online educators, bloggers, nutritionists, and more. Many are either beginners or have been running their business between 2-5 years.

These women are passionate and mission-focused, searching for a way to serve people in a meaningful way while also giving themselves the freedom to live their dream life.

Why Collaborate?

Through collaborations, my hope is to spread my messages of intentional living and budgeting for permission (not restriction) while also delivering broader personal and business development resources to address all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey! Money is a fundamental element of personal and business success, but it’s not the only factor. By bringing in outside experts who believe in the same mission, we can attack entrepreneurial burnout and financial struggle from all sides!

Audience Information

- Age Range -

25 - 34 yrs

- Gender -


- Geography -

United States (64%)

- Years in business -

0 - 5 years

- Monthly Website Traffic -

2,300+ Sessions


57% Social Media
29% Organic Search

- Estimated Monthly Reach -

(combined email list and social media reach)
8,000 +

How Can We Collaborate?

There are so many ways we can work together! Below I’ll share some examples of how I’ve collaborated in the past or how I intend to collaborate in the future. But, if you have any other ideas, you’re welcome to pitch it in the contact form below!



Official Referral Partnership

Got a course, membership, product, or coaching program that could use a lil’ financial pizzazz?

My Money Breakthrough Sessions are 60-minute coaching calls that are the perfect opportunities for your students, customers, members, or clients to discuss their personal and/or business finances! The whole goal is clarity, and every client walks away feeling more confident and motivated to get their finances in order!

So how can you integrate this into your offers? I have an incentivized Client Referral Program that anyone can join, but let’s take it a step further! Let’s make this a real partnership!

I’ll send you a PDF resource you can add to your offer (if applicable) -The Digital Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Foundations - and a unique referral link. When someone uses your link to book a Money Breakthrough Session, they will receive a 15% discount on the session and you will receive a $25 commission! Everyone wins!

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This is a great way to add an amazing value to your own offer without having to do the work yourself. Once the resource and links are in place, your job is done! But you can rest easy knowing that your student, member, customer, or client has received a more holistic education and experience.

This arrangement requires a tiny application process to make sure we’re a perfect fit!

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Need to bring someone passionate about money management into your virtual event, platform, social media account, or program? Girl, I can fill a time slot talking about budgets, that’s for sure.

Possible presentation topics include:

  • A Money Management Framework to Design a Business That Serves Your Life

  • Budget Hack: The Secret to Budgeting for Variable Income

  • Adapting the Profit First Method for Online Solopreneurs

  • Tell Your Money Story: Learn to Forgive Yourself and Change Your Financial Legacy

  • Creating the Ultimate Game Plan for Debt Freedom and Financial Success

  • How to Use YNAB to Change Your Life: The Best Budgeting Tool for Entrepreneurs

Got something else in mind? I’m all ears!

Whether you have a podcast, online summit, Instagram account, membership site, or some other type of community, I’m more than happy to share what I know about money management!

Here are a few of the places I’ve been lately:

rebel boss virtual summit.png
becoming boss society
simply profitable designer summit


Content Swaps & Guest Blog Posts

More of a written word kind of gal? I’ve got you! Long-form content is one of the ways I naturally communicate with my audience (read: I’ve got a lot to say).

{ Looking for a guest post for your blog? }

I have plenty to say about money management! Areas I often write about include: money mindset, budgeting for beginners, breaking free of debt, making financial decisions, saving up for larger investments, business finance fundamentals (such as bookkeeping!), and more. I always tailor each post to your audience and try to achieve predetermined goals for both of us!

{ Looking to guest post on The Lazy Source? }

If you’ve got a message to share to the entrepreneurs in this audience (that hasn’t appeared on the blog before), maybe we can find a place for you here! I have a very specific framework and values that I teach here, so I’ll have to make sure your topic aligns with that first. I love content that helps entrepreneurs run their business (instead of the other way around), find freedom to live the life of their dreams, and grow their business to reach their revenue goals!

{ Want to keep it simple with a swap? }

Already have content you think my audience would love? We can keep it simple with a little content swap: we’ll each share one article of each other’s to our communities (via email lists & social media) for a fun way to introduce our audiences to new resources. Because of the nature of this arrangement, it’s usually best if we have relatively similar audience size (combined email list size and social media reach).

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