5 Signs Your Blog Desperately Needs a Business Hero (AKA Finance Coach)

Perhaps you're wondering, "what the heck is a business finance coach?" Then you're thinking, "in what circumstance would I want to pay for that?" I get it, business finance is not a hot topic in the creative blogging entrepreneurship world.

Which is precisely why we need it so badly. Creatives have a tendency to hate (and fear) numbers, which can bring devastating consequences to their businesses.

How do I know? I come from a small business accounting background, having done bookkeeping and tax services for dozens of businesses. Many of which were organizational disasters because entrepreneurs love big ideas and pretty pictures. None of them wanted to sit down and reconcile their bank accounts.

But there's an incredible need for financial knowledge and awareness among these creatives. That's where business finance coaches come in.

Now, I'll be honest, I don't know what other people offer. All I know is what I know. (That transparency is part of my charm.)

So today, we're specifically talking about me and my coaching service. Please, let me help you save your business.

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So, down to business.


Here's what I teach in my coaching sessions:

  • How to manage your own business finances in the cheapest, simplest, most efficient way possible. (Bookkeeping 101 for Creatives, basically)

  • How to assess your historical, current, and future financial situation with your business.

  • How to identify your financial fears and overcome them.

  • How to identify your financial goals and reach them.

My goal is to get you to stop overlooking your numbers.

Because I get it. I know why you hate bookkeeping. Because I hate bookkeeping just as much as, if not more than, you!

But, unlike a lot of you, I truly believe in its importance. I have a passion for empowering creative individuals with their own numbers.

I have the ability to be your business' superhero. (Humility is also a part of my charm.)

(And frankly, I think I undercharge based on average coaching rates.)

But, still, for some, any investment is an investment, so let me walk you through this.


How do you know if investing in my services is worth it?


- You haven't been tracking your finances and you're overwhelmed with where to start.

This is a biggie. Maybe you're months behind on tracking your numbers, maybe you're years behind. Regardless of how many transactions that can cover (bloggers often start with very few!), it can still be intimidating enough to lead to more and more procrastination.

The longer you wait to start, the harder it will be. You'll start to forget what certain transactions are. You won't remember where you spent money for business (cash? personal checking? Uh oh!) so you won't be able to find all your expenses.

Am I giving you anxiety? Good! Use that to start TODAY. It'll only get worse the longer you wait!


- You don't understand accounting and you're afraid of bookkeeping software because it doesn't make any sense!

This is huge, and this is the one redeeming element of my entire college and short-lived-professional accounting career. I may not enjoy it anymore, but I love the fact that I have an understanding of this complex field.

Before majoring in accounting, I didn't even understand that banks didn't just put your money in a shoebox with your name written on the side. Freshman Katie was clueless and it makes me want to cringe.

Today, I understand money. I can hold my own in a conversation about finance and business. And that's amazing to me.

By a CPA's standards, I'm still a little slow. But you and I don't need to know what a CPA knows - that's what a CPA is for. We just need to know enough to move our businesses forward.

I want you to have that confidence. You don't need to major in accounting, and I won't waste your time with accounting concepts that won't help you. But I will give you just enough to give you the confidence you need to look at your own financials (that you drafted yourself!) and make informed decisions for your business. How does that sound?


- You're just starting out but you want to treat your blog like a real business the right way.

These are some of my favorite kinds of people! You know you want to build a solid, stable, scalable business. You're not in this for a get-rich-quick scheme. You know that this needs to be legit, and you want to do it right.

If you have this mentality locked in, you're already way ahead of the game. And I want to give you what you need to skyrocket your success - because you're truly just a small push away from flying off with your business.

Getting your organization and systems in place while equipping yourself with the knowledge you need is exactly that push!


- You're ready to empower yourself with a deeper understanding of finance, but you're not really a numbers gal

Read as: you'd never go back to school for an accounting degree (I don't blame you).

I have to convince a lot of people to listen to me tell them about the importance of bookkeeping. But every now and then, I'm lucky enough to find someone who knows how important it is, but they're just struggling with learning it!

If this is you, I'd love to work with you. Your willingness to learn is always a breath of fresh air, and there's nothing better than teaching a willing ear and open mind.

My biggest goal is to teach accounting, finance, and bookkeeping concepts to people like you in the simplest and most effective way possible. For me, that means visuals, simple scenarios, and filtering out all the irrelevant mumbo jumbo. How else do you think a creative got an accounting/finance degree? Lots of really dumbed-down diagrams to myself.

So trust that I will hold up to my promise of the no-nonsense, no-fear approach to your finance. And if you don't get it the first time, we'll work at it until your creative brain finds its groove!


- You're so lost with your numbers that you don't even know if you can afford my service.

If this is you, stop, slow down. Look at your bank balance. If there's a positive number in there, think about your regular subscriptions and money that'll come out of that balance in the next month. If the leftover number is bigger than my current prices, good. Hire me. Seriously, if it's that bad, you need help. (Honesty, charm, you get it at this point.)


But wait just a second...

Sure, I get it, you probably think I'm just gonna sell you on this because it's my service. Well, listen up: I don't want a lot of you to pay for my services.

Ch'ea. I'm sending some of you on your way. Because I can't help you.


So, you SHOULDN'T invest in my service if...


- You don’t sell your own products/services.

Currently, I’m not working with direct sales, Etsy shops, or anything like that. Inventory isn't my specialty, and I don't teach what I don't know.

My specialty is specifically for service-based business or online-information businesses.


- You need legal and/or tax help outside of the U.S.

Again, I don't teach what I don't know! I can still help you with managing your books, but I won't be able to help you with legal or tax issues relative to your region.


- You need specific legal and/or tax help, even inside the U.S.

If you're looking for specific legal or tax help, that's not me! I'm not a lawyer, I'm not a CPA, I'm not your accountant, I'm not your tax preparer. You don't even want me to be your tax preparer; I only have between 250-300 tax returns under my belt, which may sound like a lot, but isn't much in the public accounting tax world. I know the basics, and I leave it at that. Regardless, I will never issue professional legal or tax advice.


- You're an incorporated business.

Get yo'self a CPA! Your business is operating under new rules now, and I'm not qualified enough to give you the guidance you need for this.


Understand Business Finance Coaching now?

So! Now that we've established some serious boundaries, I hope you have a fuller understanding of the kind of coaching service I offer. And I really hope you see how this service can benefit your business.

If you're confident in your bookkeeping, great! Keep it up!

But if you have been neglecting it, stressing over it, or outsourcing it to someone who isn't teaching you anything about your numbers (which is just as dangerous!!), you need to seriously consider making a vital investment for your business' security.

Take the step today! You can learn more over here on the service page!

And if you're still not ready to invest, that's okay. Hang around this website for all the free resources I'm able to give to you - I'm not writing this post to sell you on my services, believe it or not. I've written it to bring AWARENESS about the importance of careful financial management in a business.

So please, for the love of all that is wonderful, stop ignoring your numbers. Thanks.

Until next time!

- Katie Scott